Frequently Asked Questions


Scenario 1: Account name or password is incorrect ?

Solution: Check whether the account id/email address/password you have entered is correct. If you have forgot password, please recover the password and try login again.

I forgot the password, how to reset password ?

1. Check if keyboard's "Caps Lock" light is on as your password is case sensitive 2. Ensure you don't enter blank spaces before and after your password 3. If you forget your Alafya password, please click here to retrieve it Tips: If you do not know where did you register the account, try to reset on both sides.

How to add, save or remove a card or Mobile payment details on Alafya ?

Adding and saving a card on Alafya : When selecting the payment method for your order on Alafya, you can add and save a new card on the Add a credit/debit card page or mobile money


How can I trust the services and what security measure ?

In general, our terms of service cover most things (including confidentiality), Alafya does not take payment for services until your order is complete. However, as we will not be able to assist you with any issues that arise outside of the alafyaworld platform, we ask that you do not share your personal contact details and avoid communicating through external platforms. Our official channels are those mentioned in our various descriptions of the available service offers.

What if I am not satisfied with the service?

Please keep in mind that there is a 13 day grace period after an order has been marked as complete. During this time, we can cancel the order for you. Once this time has elapsed, We can do nothing more for you. For further assistance, you can contact our support specialists by opening a ticket by sending us an email or contact directly our Customer services.


How do I place an Order?

1. When a buyer orders a service from Alafya world, once is notified by email as well as notifications on the site when logged into the account. We are required to meet the delivery time they specified when validating the service.2. We send complete files and/or proof of delivered work. Users are responsible for scanning all transferred files for viruses and malware. Alafya world will not be held responsible for any damages that may arise from the use of the site, the use of the content or files transferred.3. Buyers can Request order revisions via email or Whatsapp standard services when an order does not match the description of work agreed upon before the buyer's validation of the order on their service page or if they do not correspond to the requirements sent at the beginning of the ordering process.


- Shipping Instructions:  you can choose the appropriate shipping method when placing an order. Alafya mainly offers shipping methods including China Japan Packet, Fy Cargo, Transkat, Euro Courries, Mulykap, colis expat, UPS, Post NL, AEXPO, Classic Coach, Sun Compagny, Air Cargo One, DHL, and other shipping methods. You understand that different shipping methods may have different shipping costs with different delivery time. You can select the appropriate shipping method based on the Alafya Shipping Calculation.- Shipping Cost Prepaid: when you place an order, Alafya will charge you the shipping cost. However, considering the difference in the estimated weight, the volume of the products, and other factors, the shipping cost on Alafya is only the estimated cost, which is for reference only, and the actual shipping cost shall prevail. If the actual shipping cost exceeds the prepaid cost due to the difference in weight and volume of the goods, Alafya shall have the right to charge the shipping cost difference from you.- Remote Countries: for some packages shipping to remote countries and regions, you may not have the tracking information sometimes. Those remote countries only provide postal transport which is slow with a limited number of flights. So, most packages will be in transit waiting for the flight to the destination without any tracking information. If the buyer has not received the goods, please contact the local post office first. Tracking information that can be found on the third-party website cannot be further inquired or urged. If a dispute is opened, please refer to and read the refund policies, which will serve as an important reference for dispute resolution.- Customs Clearance: customs clearance may be difficult and slow in certain remote countries including but not limited If a dispute is opened, please read and refer to the refund policy, which will serve as an important reference for dispute resolution. Shipping Track: you can track shipping information through the tracking website provided by Alafya or other third-party websites. For some remote countries, the shipping information cannot be tracked. Please timely contact the local post office for more information or our independants delivers suppliers.- Price Change: Alafya will change shipping costs periodically or seasonally according to the third-party carriers' prices. Once shipping cost is changed, you will be notified by email or system notification and can check the shipping cost on Alafya Shipping Calculation. Oversized Products: oversized product refers to the product whose volume weight is greater than the actual weight. You can calculate it on Alafya Shipping Calculation.- Shipping Cost Difference: due to the product characteristics, there may be a difference between the actual weight and the system weight after packing. If the product is oversized, Alafya has the right to charge the additional shipping cost according to the volume weight. You shall make up the shipping cost difference.- Reshipment: if the products are returned to the sender or carrier due to your own reasons (for example, wrong address, the recipient being away, failure to contact the recipient, etc.), Alafya will notify you in advance and has the right to ask you to pay for the reshipment costs when the carrier offers reshipment services. Otherwise, you will bear the loss.- Remote Fee: to ensure normal order fulfillment, Alafya has the right to charge additional remote fees when your packages are shipped to certain remote countries.- Alafya shall not be liable for any damage, loss, delay, or non-delivery of the packages due to the following reasons:Force Majeure: "Force Majeure" refers to the objective factors or accidents that are unpredictable, uncontrollable, or unavoidable, including but not limited to earthquake, fire, snow disaster, storm, heavy fog, and severe weather; strikes, terrorist incidents, traffic accidents, amendments to regulations and policies, acts, decisions or orders of the government or judicial authorities; violent crimes such as robbery, drive-by robbery, etc. Damage caused by the natural characteristic, inherent defects or reasonable wear and tear of the goods.Delays in receiving the goods or failure to deliver the goods due to the customer's own reasons.If the packages cannot be delivered due to the customer's own reasons, such as the failure to contact the customer or the wrong receiving address, Alafya will provide free storage service in case free storage by the overseas carrier is available. You shall contact the Alafya agent to pick up the goods in time, and you shall bear the additional costs arising therefrom. If the packages cannot be delivered after the free storage period, Alafya has the right to dispose of the package, and your payment will not be refunded.


- Weapons - Houses - A strong poison or narcotic (drug) - Metal filling hydraulic articles - Perfumes, fragrances, nail polish, essential oils and alcohol-based articles - Corrosive articles, radioactive elements or radioactive materials, biochemical products - Automobile, motorcycle, bicycle accessories and accessories - Pharmaceuticals (non-health care products) Prescription drugs, narcotics, etc - Tea, vitamin energy drinks, yogurt, fruit juice, sports drinks, other beverages - Alcohol, - Animal and plant related articles - Large appliances, - Securities, national currency, counterfeit currency, any confidential state information, - Military products, military equipment, - Semi-finished products to be processed, including eggs, meat, viscera, dairy processed - - food, all kinds of meat paste,

How Do I Track My Order?

Yes, we provide tracking number according to the supplier


Adult Services and Pornography - Alafya world does not allow any exchange of adult or pornographic materials and services.Intellectual Property Claims - Alafya world will respond to clear and complete notices of alleged copyright or trademark infringement and/or violation of third party terms of service.Fraud / Illegal Use - You may not use Alafya world for illegal purposes or to conduct illegal activities.
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